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Whether you're a new home buyer or a realtor, we have you covered. Hillcrest Exterminating has proudly served Columbia, SC for over 50 years. They control all insects and rodents and also offer wildlife services for snakes, bats, raccoons, opossum and squirrels. It is important to make sure that a home is a pest free before closing a sale. Call Hillcrest Exterminating today to get a CL100 inspection for real estate transactions and refinance. To ensure the wood in your home is free from harmful organisms and fungi, hire a licensed residential builder for your full house buyer inspection.

Rid Your Home of Annoying Pests

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Are you seeing signs of termites? When was the last time you checked your crawl space for mold? Hillcrest Exterminating provides pest control services and termite treatments to homeowners in the Columbia, SC area and beyond. We also complete home inspections.

Whether you have ants, termites, cockroaches, mice or bats invading your home, we can help. We’ll send an exterminator to your home to get rid of annoying pests in a timely manner. Our pest treatments are certified safe for your home and family.

If you’re dealing with a termite problem or considering buying a new home, it’s important that you schedule a home inspection. We’ll find any structural, HVAC, moisture or insect-related issues to help you avoid costly repairs.

Call 803-788-1206 today to schedule a home inspection or pest control services.

Keep Pests Off Your Property

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Termite Treatments

Stop termites from damaging your home.

Termite Treatments

Pest Control

Keep rodents and insects out of your house.

Pest Control

Home Inspections

We'll look for mold, bugs and structural issues.

Home Inspections

Moisture Control

Waterproof your crawlspace.

Moisture Control

Why choose Hillcrest Exterminating?

Hillcrest Exterminating offers both pest control and home inspection services in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas. You can count on an exterminator that won't stop until your home is bug-free.

You should make us your #1 pest control company because:

We're a locally-owned and operated business

We can exterminate a variety of pests in your home

We conduct thorough home inspections

We provide moisture control services